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Guidelines on how to properly shutdown FLX terminal

To shutdown the FLX terminal properly, follow the instructions below:


a. After SIGN OFF of terminal, press the “EXIT” to go to the MAIN MENU screen.
b. Press the small “EXIT” located on the upper right hand corner.
c. A message “Exit the Application?” appears on the screen. Press [1] “Yes”.
d. PCSO logo appears then reboot process follows.
e. Press [C] “Shutdown” located in the lower right corner.
f. A message “!!!Wait for instructions before powering off the terminal!!!” appears on the screen followed by the PCSO logo.
g. A message “The Terminal is shutting down!” appears then the screen turns black.
h. PCSO logo will appear with message “System halted”.
i. You have now shutdown the FLX terminal properly.
j. Press power OFF button at the back of the terminal, above the FLX power cord.

If the touchscreen cannot manipulated, reset the terminal first by pressing the PC reset button then, upon display of loader, Press [C] “Shutdown” located in the lower right corner. And wait for the “System Halted” message then, switch OFF the button at the back of the terminal.